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Alias Weeping Spear
Gender Female
Location Omiki Town
Occupation Nightly Hired Bodyguard
Stance Spear Stance
Weapon Mikazuki; Sazanka; Houzuki; Long Green Onion; Broom; Bamboo Spear
Debut Way of the Samurai 3
Status varies on player actions
Family Unnamed Husband (deceased)

Yukino is a widow in Way of the Samurai 3.

According to Yukino, her unnamed - and unshown - husband died a year before the time setting in Way of the Samurai 3. Following that death, she started working as a bodyguard - for 100 Yen per day - in order to pay off his debts, using the spear that belonged to her husband.


The spear she uses is random, which are all of the weapons that utilize the Spear Stance in the game, except for some specific ones, like Rasetsunyo. But, it is mainly Mikazuki and Sazanka, but Mikazuki slightly more often.


After advancing the story (2 inklings?), she can be found in Omiki Town between 18h and 00h. To hire her, just talk to her and pay her 100 yen.


If the player apologizes (after hiring Yukino) she will apologize with you.